What do we do?

Cabinet Refacing, Refinish and Repair - Remodeling - Color Matching Woodwork - Cabinetry - Furniture Restoration - Wood and Metal Stripping.



We help the client to decide what the solution best fits the needs of their cabinets, wether it is refinish or refacing. If refinish is chosen, we take out the doors, bring them to our shop, we clean them and then sand them or strip them, paint them with industrial high quality finish. After that we take our equipment to the customer's house and paint the structure of the cabinets and finally we bring the doors and front drawers back, reinstall them and make everything look new. 

Refacing is a similar process except the cabinet's doors and drawers are all new. 



It is a delicate process in which we restore and rebuild broken pieces. When the piece is ready for painting we make a refinish in the exact original color or in the color that the client wishes.


We remodel kitchens and bathrooms. The process involves planing the best distribution possible for your kitchen or bathroom and help you choose what is most aesthetically pleasing to you by experimenting with the various different materials that we have for you to choose.

Our work includes:

Customized Service, Entry and interior doors, kitchen and bath cabinets, wood finishes, stone, and metal, new cabinetry. Repair and restoration for furniture (including antiques and specialty items), cabinetry, upholstery, frames, paintings, metal, stone.

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